System AI
Powerful Artifical Intelligence + Integrated High Performance Database


At System AI we work hard to bring the power of AI to you. System AI has a world class engineering team that performs cutting edge research and development in artificial intelligence and database design.

System AI is building the worlds first cognitive reinforcement learning system. Reinforcement learning is an advanced form of machine learning that allows a computer to learn from positive and negative experiences without the need for labeled data. While standard reinforcement learning techniques are based on simple stimulus-response models, the System AI reinforcement learner has a cognitive layer that reasons about the world. Our patent pending algorithms can tackle complex real-world situations not accessible to standard reinforcement learning techniques.

Fast machine learning depends on fast access to complex data. In order to achieve maximum performance, the System AI technology natively integrates a high performance database with our artificial intelligence engine to bring unprecedentent computational power to you.

Personalized Customer Interaction

With System AI you can understand, guide and respond in real-time to your customers. System AI helps you to automate personalized customer interactions all the way from product awareness to purchase. Moreover, System AI enables you to stay in touch with your customers to achieve customer satisfaction and repeat the cycle.

Our cognitive reinforcement learning system learns a customer behavior model and produces an action plan that is uniquely adapted to each individual customer. Our high performance database allows handling a large number of customers in real-time.

Support and Maintenance

With System AI you can monitor, diagnose and quickly resolve problems. Every problem is unique. Our cognitive reinforcement learning engine helps you to understand and model the problem and produce an action plan that fixes the problem. Moreover, with time our cognitive reinforcement learner can help you to deal with problems before they appear.

Our high performance database is equipped to handle and analyze large data streams in real-time.

Product Research and Development

System AI helps researchers and engineers to optimize their product development. With System AI you can keep track of your experimental and test results.

The System AI cognitive reinforcement learning engine provides guidance to help you select the most relevant experiment and test configurations. Our high performance database is able to store and quickly process large amounts of unstructured data.

About Us

System AI was founded with a passion for AI technology and to allow everybody to join the AI revolution. System AI is an incorporated startup based in Palo Alto, CA. We also operate engineering offices at other locations within the United States.

At System AI we are pushing the boundary of what is possible with artificial intelligence and database technology. We do not rely on the state of the art, but conduct original cutting edge research to develop new algorithms and high performance code.

George Gregory
(co-founder, CEO)

George Gregory is a second-time entrepreneur. He was a co-founder of Lex Machina, a predictive analytics company, which was acquired by LexisNexis/Reed Elsevier in 2015. Lex Machina grew out of a research project at Stanford. At Lex Machina, George worked with professors Mark Lemley, Andrew Ng and Chris Manning, applying cutting-edge research in machine learning and natural language processing to the legal predictive analytics domain.

He is an active member of an Artificial Intelligence community, where he co-founded and serves as chair of ACM SIGAI (Special Interest Group of Artificial Intelligence) Bay Area Chapter.

George attended PhD program in Theoretical Physics at Yale University, where his interests revolved around string theory and high-energy physics, before he decided to focus on more practical applications and left to join the Industry. He won a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad.

He has an undergraduate degree in Physics from Moscow State University, where he studied Quantum Statistics and Field Theory. In his spare time, George enjoys building Robotics DIY projects that help to introduce kids to Computer Science.

Tuna Oezer
(co-founder, CTO)

Tuna leads the artifical intelligence and database development effort at System AI. Since programming his first computer as a young child, Tuna has been fascinated by software engineering and robotics.

Tuna has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he studied neural networks in cross-disciplinary work together with neuroscientists. Tuna's industrial experience include technical positions both at Microsoft, where he worked on Visual Studio, and Google, where he worked on search ranking and infrastructure.

Tuna loves to code. However, when not writing the code, Tuna likes to enjoy nature on paths less traveled. Among other adventures, Tuna has hiked across the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range road-to-road, hiked across the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim, and completed the cactus-to-the-clouds hike, all within 12 hours.